Corporate Membership


For a public or Not for Profit (NfP) sector organisation to build a relationship with Socitm Australia. 



  • Extends professional development throughout the organisation.
  • Quick access into best practice of all aspects of ICT management.
  • Network, support and learn together with peers. 



The membership banding in the table below is based on net current expenditure for the public and NfP sector. Please see here for Not for Profit (NfP) Sector Prices. 

Prices shown below are exclusive of GST.




Membership Band Price
Band 1 - under $20m - up to 10 members $1195.00
Band 2 - $20m and over - up to 12 members $1515.00
Band 3 - $100m and over - up to 15 members $1815.00
Band 4 - $200m and over - up to 17 members $2155.00
Band 5 - $400m and over - up to 20 members $2475.00
Band 6 - $1000m and over - up to 25 members $2795.00


  • Preferential prices on other organisational Socitm Australia services 

The Public Sector:

The Not for Profit (NfP) Sector:

Turnover less than £5m,

Turnover more than £5m,

  • The Insight Programme (excluding Better Connected)

Turnover more than £25m,

  • The Insight Programme



Access the service deliverables for 12 months. Everything is on one invoice that is received in November ahead of the new calendar year.

Client commitments

The participating organisation would need to appoint a co-ordinator of the service for distribution of the individual memberships. Each individual member is required to submit a registration form, to give us a few details we need to get their membership started.


Request a Quote

You may nominate peers from another public sector or NfP sector organisation.