Better Connected 2015/2016


Better connected was successfully re-launched at Socitm's Annual Conference held on the 19/20 October 2015. 

Changes to the programme follow Socitm’s announcement in May 2015 of a partnership with Boilerhouse to develop its research and publishing on digital local services, with the initial focus being Better connected.  Details can be found in this briefing about Better connected changes.

Visit the new Better connected website to see the latest Better connected results published and to view plans for surveys in 2015/16.

All goverment organisations (Local, State and Fedral) and Not for Profit (nfp) organisations that subscribe to Socitm Insight can login to access results from 2015 across a range of service areas and usability aspects. Non-subscribers can see headline results up to 2014. A range of other data relevant to government digital activity is also available.

Access to individual organisation results and the latest service area reports, such as housing, planning etc. are available to employees of Socitm's Insight subscribing organisations. Check if your organisation subscribes and then register free of charge as an individual. If your organisation is not a subscriber find out about benefits.


Latest news

48% of UK county councils assessed by Socitm’s Better Connected Survey for Transport and Buses provided a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ online service.

Better connected 2015/16 has just published the results of its latest survey.

This assessed performance of transport and travel services provided online by English county councils, wherein the task assessed was ‘apply for older person’s bus pass'.

48% of counties provide a 'good' or 'very good' online service based on this survey. You can view 'all council' results here.

Access to individual council results is available to employees of Socitm's Insight subscribing organisations (including Corporate Members) who are registered on the Socitm website, which enables them also to login to individual results on 

From 1 February 2016, this access will be removed for councils that have not renewed their Socitm Insight service or Socitm Corporate Membership.

If your organisation does not currently subscribe to this vital service find out more about the range of benefits
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Find out more

Visit the Better connected website for information about the Better connected survey process and the assessment methodology.

There is a forum for comments and discussion on Better connected in our Web Improvement and Usage Community.