Benchmarking User Satisfaction


The crisis in Public and Not for Profit (NfP) sector funding is placing all key digital services under pressure, but ‘back office’ functions like ICT can be particularly vulnerable in an era of austerity and routine budget cuts.

Solutions such as outsourcing to the private sector, or merging with another ICT service, sound particularly attractive – especially if the organisation’s management thinks that the existing ICT service is ‘under-performing’.

As such, service user satisfaction is a key factor in the credibility of the ICT service. It is important to have a realistic and up-to-date view of the quality of your ICT service from your users.  Turn their opinions into facts.

We have now analysed responses more than 262,000 users in 726 public sector surveys. More than half the organisations that run the survey come back to repeat it, some on a regular basis. Organisations frequently show improvement over time, simply by following up and taking action on the priority areas for attention identified by the survey results.

The Benchmarking User Satisfaction Service uses an online end-user survey which is emailed to all your users. The results are analysed using “gap analysis” between importance and satisfaction on 20 key drivers of user satisfaction.  The advantage of the full Benchmarking User Satisfaction service is that it not only tells you what your users think of your ICT Service, it also gives deep insight into the reasons for their opinions. User satisfaction scores are also analysed by user departments (segmented analysis), and end-users are invited to give free text comments and explanation for the scores they have given.

The results are presented in a comprehensive report which is then explained and discussed at a results workshop that allows you to understand strengths and weaknesses and identify key actions to improve customer satisfaction and, at the same time, identify areas where savings could be made.

Latest news

Benchmarking User Satisfaction now includes "segmented analysis", which allows results to be broken down by department, at no additional cost.


Problem to solve

Whether your service is in-house, shared or outsourced, its future depends on its credibility in the eyes of those whose jobs depend on it. Our service is the ideal way for you to assess and demonstrate how good your service is. If improvements are needed, then, uniquely with our help, your users can put you on the right path with the right set of priorities.

It is essential to know what your users really think of their ICT service. For more than 15 years Socitm have been running this service to help those that provide ICT services to understand users' views as a stepping stone to improving the contribution to organisational performance, and, more recently, to prioritise areas where spending might be reduced without  a major impact on the ICT service. This survey provides responses for Socitm Key Performance Indicator 1 (KPI 1) - customer satisfaction.



We have developed a comprehensive service, tailored for the public and NfP sector, that enables you to understand your users' priorities for improvement.

In particular, the service benefits from: 

  • the use of  a best practice survey using highly recommended questions for measuring user satisfaction, based on gap analysis 
  • the credibility from an independent verification and analysis by an experienced practitioner in this field 

‚ÄčHere are what some participants have said at the end of recent workshops: 

  • Sharing the experience of others has been important, getting key messages from the highest performers. 
  • I learned many key points that I can focus on to achieve improvements. 
  • Very satisfied - especially learning how others have developed their help desks and how they structure service provision. 
  • I must act on the findings of this survey. 
  • This project has highlighted the importance of linking my Local Councils overall view of ICT with other elements such as training and development



Prices exclude GST.   For shared service arrangements providing ICT services to more than one organisation, price per additional organisation on application.


  Corporate members

One or more members

All others
Participation (segmented analysis as standard) $3325.00 $3500.00 $4900.00


Using a survey designed and tested for the public sector, we offer you a wealth of analysis, advice and insight into this complex area, all for a highly competitive price that others will find impossible to match. An example of best value itself, this survey will help you understand how to improve quality and achieve best value from your service. 

This benchmarking service includes: 

  • A tailor-made survey hosted on the web 
  • Detailed analysis by independent experts 
  • A results workshop that allows you to understand strengths and weaknesses against peers based on the same set of objective measures. 
  • Extensive reporting to identify key actions to improve customer satisfaction and at the same time identify areas where savings could be made. 


Further information about the service.



Benchmarking User Satisfaction can now be undertaken at any time; with results workshops planned for May, August, and November 2016.  Your results report will normally be sent to you within 2 weeks of closing the survey.

The Benchmarking User Satisfaction exercise can typically be completed within 2 months and the amount of effort required is minimal as all that is required are department details for the segmented analysis, a list of end-user email addresses and attendance at the results workshop.  We also recommend that you email your users in advance of the survey to explain and promote the survey to your users.


Client commitments

You undertake to: 

  • nominate a survey co-ordinator who will be expected to play a pro-active role 
  • promote the survey within your organisation 
  • provide a list of service users by specified date 
  • using templates provided by us, encourage responses to the survey 
  • send out the invitations to complete the questionnaire to your service users 
  • secure sufficient respondents to the survey by specified date 
  • attend the results workshop (two persons allowed per organisation). 

In return, we promise to: 

  • safeguard the confidentiality of individual participating organisations and their respondents 
  • provide you with a full briefing pack about the survey 
  • process the results from the questionnaires that are completed 
  • provide you with full analyses of the results at least one week before the workshop 
  • hold a workshop to discuss the lessons to be learnt and the management implications. 


  • If you miss the deadline for the completion of the questionnaires, we may not be able to process the results. 
  • If, having authorised the order, you decide not to go ahead, there may be a cancellation charge of part or all of the fee. 



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