Benchmarking the ICT Service


Benchmarking ICT service performance and spending levels helps service directors and managers make the right key decisions. Given current economic and policy circumstances, these decisions might concern how best to keep the lights on or to transform ICT provisioning? 

The service generally has two basic modes of operation:

  1. In group mode, a number of participants go through the benchmarking process together to a common timetable and are benchmarked against each other in the first instance.

  2. In singleton mode, a single participant is guided through the benchmarking process to their own timetable and is benchmarked against a comparator group selected from our benchmarking results database. There is more opportunity for customisation of the benchmarking timetable and scope in this mode of operation. When an organisation does not want to or cannot join a group exercise, then the ad hoc Singleton mode of delivery may be the appropriate alternative. Together we select a virtual group against which Socitm will benchmark you and you follow the rest of the benchmarking process essentially as if you were in a group exercise. (The virtual group is drawn from our database of current and past benchmarking data.) Singleton benchmarking may be initiated at any time. The detailed schedule is agreed between us at the outset.

Latest news

As the Benchmarking Club exercises have completed for 2015, this is the perfect time to undertake a Singleton Benchmarking exercise, as we now have up-to-date benchmarking data to compare against for this year, as well as the historic data for previous years' benchmarking. A Singleton exercise can be started at any time, and the main advantage is that you can progress at your own timescales. 

Watch this short video to find out more:

Update:  Following successful trials with the UK and London Benchmarking Clubs in 2015, Benchmarking ICT now includes the SQA (Service Quality Assessment) toolkit for answering KPI#1 (User Satisfaction), at no additional cost! 



The prices below do not include GST.

  Corporate members

One or more members

All others
Group - rural & small NfP sector $3325.00 $3500.00 $4900.00
Group $6246.25 $6575.00 $9205.00
Singleton $7552.50 $7950.00 $11130.00



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Important Dates

  Government Group Public Sector Group NfP Sector Group
Survey Open
Supported by a Socitm Australia consultant who assures consistency of approach, does data validation checks and provides you with calculation support.
3 May 2016 3 May 2016 26 Sept 2016
Launch Workshop
An in depth process briefing and opportunity to meet and network with the other participants.
10 May 2016 11 May 2016 3 Oct 2016
A Site Visit
Your consultant will meet with you and your team and help you keep the process on track.
23 May - 8 July 2016 23 May - 8 July 2016 17 Oct - 18 Nov 2016
Survey Closed
Deadline to complete the data gathering survey.
12 July 2016 12 July 2015 25 Nov 2016
Interim Results Workshop
Review of the draft report before final amendments and publication to the group members.
26 July 2016 27 July 2016 5 Dec 2016
Interim Results
See your data in the context of others’ for review.
1 - 19 August 2016  1 - 19 August 2016  12 Dec 2016 - 6 Jan 2017
Close Amendments
Deadline to complete any amendments ready for the final report.
26 Aug 2015  26 Aug 2015  20 January 2017
Final Results Workshop
Executive debrief of survey results.
20 Sept 2016 21 Sept 2016 13 February 2017
Final Reports 26 Sept 2016 26 Sept 2016 20 February 2017