Service Cost Assessment


An online assessment that reports the cost of delivering your ICT services.


Problem to solve

By assessing the cost of delivering ICT services, you’ll gain evidence to support managerial decisions. For instance, can we afford new resources? Or should we provide devices or implement 'bring your own device'?

You’ll also learn how your organisation compares to other participating organisations. This creates a bigger picture that helps you understand how successful you really are.   

It is only necessary to carry out this assessment once every 12 months as it relates to the last completed financial year. Repeating the assessment annually would allow performance to be measured by comparing the reports.


  • 100% online

  • Complete at your own pace with a save for later option.

  • Instant downloadable reports.  

  • Quickly puts you in a position to make immediate improvements and plan for ongoing optimisation.

  • The service can be an input to strategy reviews.



90 days’ access to the assessment is $750.

For the price of this assessment as part of a shared service please request a quote.




One or more




90 days access $712.50 $750.00 $1050.00


The report covers:

  • Spend per user, head of popultion, and supported device.

  • The number of workstations, devices per user, and ICT staff per user.  

  • Levels of in-house, outsourced and shared services.

View a sample report.



The assessment requires you to gather accurate numbers for 9 simple questions, some of which are multiple choice.

Some time may need to be spent dividing your costs into the following business streams:

  • Employee costs

  • Premises-related expenditure

  • Transport-related expenditure

  • Supplies and services

  • Third party payments

  • Support services

  • Capital financing

  • Annualised capital investment


In house skills required

You will need access to

  • HR

  • Finances



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