Virtual Chief Digital Officer

This is a service for those organisations who recognise the need for Digital leadership but are struggling with capacity and expertise.


A unique support and coaching service to transfer Digital transformation knowledge and tools to Public and Not for Profit (NfP) sector leadership. By virtue of its fractional cost model, organisations can access Chief Digital Officer level expertise for a fraction of their employment cost

The Virtual Digital Chief Officer initiative allows Public and NfP organisations to make use of the economies of scale in working as a group. The group will all contribute to a dedicated resource that will offer an on-site number of days over an agreed period and remote coaching, advisory & support service to each of the partners. This approach has the added advantage of encouraging partnership working in the development of any digital platform capability.

This is likely to support a Director with a 'digital' portfolio, senior management digital champion and the manager of IT but will be appropriate to the individual organisation taking this up.


Problem to solve

Digital has the potential to bring efficiency savings and make services more effective. There is a need to clarify a Digital Transformation vision, define a business case, agree target outcomes, build a plan and implement.  This is easy to say but public and NfP organisations are struggling to find the experience and expertise to move forward without taking on large salary commitments. A Virtual Chief Digital Officer is an opportunity to gain the appropriate resource for an affordable price.


  • Cost effective access to industry leading Digital expertise and know-how
  • Ability to develop or refine Digital strategy and implementation
  • Service tailored to digital maturity status recognising and building upon progress made
  • Governance, Programme, Commercial, Procurement and partnering expertise



Individual orginisations or a group of orginisations can leverage from this offer, a group of orginisations can make an investment per organisation per month to maximise the Return on Investment (RoI) that will receive an agreed combination of on-site and off-site support and access to tools, templates and frameworks.



Can include, but not limited to:

  • Digital Maturity Assessment

  • Digital Strategy review or development

  • Digital Delivery Plan development

  • Digital, Cyber and Cloud Risk Audits

  • Increased confidence across Digital Leadership & change teams to move forward

  • Improved collaboration across local public services



Minimum effective period of 6 months

Client commitments

Organisations need to commit to fully engage with the VCDO coaching and support service part-time over a minimum six month period to reap results and benefits


In house skills required

Participating organisations need to identify an Executive Sponsor, a Digital Champion, and Senior IT and Senior Service Delivery representative. Participation in VCDO support includes leadership briefing, case development, workshop attendance, staff engagement and communications.

Skills transfer

Executive Sponsors, Digital Champions, Senior IT reps and Senior Service Delivery reps will have the opportunity to adopt new methods, subject matter knowledge, outputs from third party tool and organisation change/ engagement techniques to structure their case for Digital transformation


Case study

The VCDO has been based on a previous similar service; VCIO.  Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) service addressed the Not for Profit (NfP) Sector’s restricted access to ICT strategic expertise. NfP sector organisations are generally unable to attract, fund or access full-time experienced CIO’s.  VCIO provided them with new access to fractional CIO expertise that then helped them shape and communicate their IT strategy cost-effectively.  For many, the VCIO service had a huge impact on their overall leadership capability and decision confidence. 

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