Top Talent Leadership Programme


A National leadership development programme that equips all levels of leaders with the personal and collaborative leadership skills to become more effective in digital transformation projects. This programme will normally be run in partnership with a supplier and or government sponsors.



Digital transformation involves Data, Technology, Process and a real focus on People and Leadership. The biggest challenge is creating the culture of trust and collaboration needed for success.

  • Successful digital transformation projects
  • An improved culture of trust and collaboration
  • Employee engagement
  • Inspiring and effective leaders



A typical programme runs over a 6 month period through workshops, 1-1 coaching and a group collaboration project.

Client commitments

Participants must commit to workshop preparation, travel and attendance and project responsibilities. Typically there will be an executive sponsor who is commissioning the programme for a target stakeholder group.


In house skills required

Participants are expected to have an executive sponsor, be a current or future leader, and engaged in significant transformation projects. Participants must have good communication skills.

Skills transfer

Participants will leave with personal insights into the required leadership and collaboration skills they need to enhance / build upon.


The programme requires a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 12. This programme is eligible for private sector sponsorship.

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