Leadership Coaching and Mentoring


This is a tailored programme of coaching and mentoring that accelerates the leadership development of future and high potential leaders in the Public and Not for Profit (NfP) Sector, provided on an individual basis.


Problem to solve

Effective professionals become team leaders and managers, often without learning the practical skills and behaviours required to become a successful leader. This can lead to demotivated teams and the loss of valuable talent in an organisation.


  • Motivation and retention of talented leaders
  • Leaders realising their full potential
  • Inspiring and effective leaders



  • Successful digital transformation projects
  • An improved culture of trust and collaboration
  • Employee engagement
  • Inspiring and effective leaders



A typical coaching and mentoring programme runs over a 3-6 month period, but can be extended by agreement and includes 6x 1-1 coaching sessions and ongoing support and mentoring.

Client commitments

Participants must commit to setting aside the time required for coaching and mentoring, and completing agreed action plans.


In house skills required

No pre-requisite skills are required except a willingness to explore areas of potential outside your individual comfort zone. 

Skills transfer

Participants will leave with personal insights into the required leadership and collaboration skills they need to enhance / build upon.


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