Bridge-to-Collaboration Workshop


This is a 2-day leadership workshop designed to kick start (or re-energise and re-align) a project that requires collaboration between different stakeholders. It is a cost-effective way to quickly achieve higher levels of engagement, trust and collaboration between a disparate group of leaders and professionals. It can be supplemented with coaching and mentoring as required.


Problem to solve

Many transformation projects and leadership groups fail to give enough focus to the culture changes and people behaviour aspects required for success; focusing instead on process, data and technology governed by  a ‘mechanistic’  management model.


  • Getting transformation projects on track
  • An improved culture of trust and collaboration
  • Employee engagement and motivation
  • A culture of ‘win-win’



  • Individual action plans to address collaboration
  • An improved culture of trust
  • Project and leadership team  engagement



Typically a 2 day workshop, but can be extended and tailored to suit a specific project or team collaboration requirement. 

Client commitments

Participants must commit to workshop preparation, travel and attendance and project responsibilities. Typically there will be an executive sponsor who is commissioning the workshop for a target stakeholder group.


In house skills required

None – participants are selected by the executive sponsor.

Skills transfer

Participants will leave with personal insights into the required leadership and collaboration skills they need to enhance / build upon.


Worshop format

The workshop normally covers around 15 participants. This will include two leadership coach trainers to facilitate the workshop, which is usually held at the client site. One day of preparation and executive sponsor discussion is included. Any expenses for the trainers and participants are not included. This programme is eligible for private sector sponsorship.

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