High level informative sessions to keep a manager of IT, director of IT, CIO, CDO or a director with an IT portfolio up to speed with the latest ideas, methods and technologies.

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Masterclasses will be provided by Socitm Australia to demonstrate its commitment to the professional development of its members. Once the dates have been confirmed then they will appear on the events page of the Socitm Australia's website and will be included in the member networking group on the Knowledghub Network.

Any private sector companies who wish to sponsor a Masterclass should complete the contact form with the category of 'Professional Development'



Socitm Australia Masterclasses are a means for the busy IT professional to maintain industry knowledge in this ever changing landscape. The masterclasses will offer a choice of half day briefings designed to keep you up to date with the latest technologies, methods and ideas:

  • Attend only those topics useful to you
  • Gain the learning outcomes specified
  • Delivered to support a strategic level of detail
  • Network with peers on the day and within the Masterclass group



It will operate a voucher system where members will receive free vouchers to be used on masterclasses of their choice.



A Socitm Masterclass offers you:

  • 2 hours of learning
  • Peer networking
  • Supporting materials
  • Forum on member Knowledge Hub group


In house skills required

There is no prerequisite knowledge required to attend.

Skills transfer

The skills to gain will be identified on the sign up for each Socitm Australia's Masterclass event.



All Socitm Australia Masterclasses will be listed on the events page of our website.

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If you are a public or Not for Profit (NfP) - third sector member and wish to request a subject matter for a Socitm Australia Masterclass then please complete our contact form to let us know.

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If you are a supplier interested in delivering a Socitm Australia Masterclass then please complete our contact form to let us know

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