Woman in IT


A ‘Socitm Australia Women in IT’ group is being established by the Society to improve the visibility of women in IT; through raising the profile of talented and experienced women working to deliver public and Not for Profit (NfP) services, promoting them as role models and presenting greater opportunities for public speaking and other engagements.

An immediate goal is to address the under-representation of women in IT. It is important to use the group to gain insights into the barriers preventing women joining IT and progressing their careers. To give women in IT a stronger voice. The longer term aim will be working with young women at the point at which they are considering career options to assist and identify ways and means to support them into IT and IT management.

The Group will seek to:

  • provide a forum to enable engagement and participation from interested parties from across the breadth of IT roles; professional and leadership;
  • increase the participation by women in decision-making particularly, at a regional level and for the Society as a whole;
  • continue to improve the quality and variety of contribution of women to regional meetings and other events, conferences, debates etc.; and
  • address the diversity and inclusivity agenda for the Society, including the current gender imbalance in membership and in positions of seniority.

The aim is for the group to be launched through an event in Winter.

Latest news

An inaugural Women in IT group meeting - “Where there’s Women in IT (WIT), there’s a way!” – is set to take place in Autum. It is evident that there are a number of challenges around promoting the visibility of women within the Public and NfP IT and Digital sector. 

There is recognition to address the gender imbalance and a momentum that is being created to treat the issue seriously. Let’s continue to prioritise this as an issue that needs to be resolved! This event aims to:

  • Provide an update regarding the progress that we’re making with the initiative
  • Deliver an open and collaborative day comprising thought leadership around how we can address these challenges head on
  • Learn valuable lessons from expert speakers who have had to overcome these issues
  • Provide a platform for like-minded women IT & digital practitioners to come together and network; learning from each other about how best we can move forward and ensure that we empower our colleagues to address the cultural challenges overshadowing the next generation of women considering our sector as a viable career path
  • Be fun and interactive.

We will prioritise the contents of this meeting on the basis of the feedback we received from members of the group, and from immediate responses following the launch.

The event will be free.

If you would like further information please contact us.