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Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub (KHub) is a free to access, digital collaboration space dedicated to the public and non-profit sectors. KHub offers its community a government security
accredited (Official) hosted service, the latest open source and feature rich social collaboration tools; all supported by an expert team of Online Community Builders and Knowledge Managers.  KHub is used extensively across UK local and central government and has a fast growing international presence.  Over 100,000 public service professionals organise themselves into Groups based upon need, which include Expert Networks, local time-limited projects and international training programmes.  Other features include:

  1. Social Hubs  – private intranet space for staff, an extranet for stakeholder engagement and access to KHub community;
  2. Professional Networks – branded space for membership organisations to enhance their member engagement offer; and
  3. Brand engagement – KHub represents a unique marketing channel, providing online engagement to support sales & marketing (specific terms & conditions apply). 

Knowledge Hub is where public sector professionals go to give and get help, extend their expertise and drive innovation.  Work socially, work smarter, join today at