Australia Public and NfP Leadership Academy Sponsorship


The Socitm Australia Leadership Academy is an exciting new initiative aimed at Digital Leaders and Executives in Australian Public and Not for Profit (NfP) Sector organisations. It aims to equip them with the insights, confidence, practical skills and professional networks that are necessary in the age of collaboration; and contribute to the success of digital transformation projects.


Programme Sponsorship Opportunities

Suppliers and partners of public sector organisations looking for a strategic level of engagement are invited to partner with the Socitm Australia Leadership Academy through different sponsorship options (see later). The sponsorship funding is used by Socitm Australia to provide the training, coaching and leadership programme management.


What does a Leadership Programme involve?

These programmes are aimed at the leadership team involved in a significant regional project or initiative. This team typically involves the CEO (executive sponsor), Digital Leaders, manager of Service for IT and Delivery and other key stakeholders. They can be focused within a single organisation or a regional group that needs to collaborate. Examples have included:

  • A National ‘Top Talent’ Leadership Programme, in partnership with the public, NfP and private sector suppliers. Candidates are drawn from different public and NfP sector organisations, and undergo leadership workshop training and 1-1 coaching, over a 6 month period; to improve leadership effectiveness and collaboration skills. This group of 15 leaders then undertake a national digital transformation project in agreement with sponsors.  Typical costs are $3,000 (+GST) per participant (minimum of 15). Reasonable travel/hotel costs for 2 leadership coaches must be added
  • A ‘Bridge-to-Collaboration’ Workshop, run for a group of organisations that are embarking on a region-wide project for Digital Services. A 2 day workshop is tailored to quickly facilitate effective collaboration, overcoming cultural, organisational and personal barriers to success. Typical cost is $900 (+GST) per participant (minimum of 10). Reasonable travel/hotel costs for 2 leadership coaches must be added
Other projects are under consideration such as:
  • Women Leaders in a Digital World – improving the engagement, retention and collaboration of women leaders in digital delivery projects
  • Executive Board Collaboration – improving the collaborative leadership and influencing styles of a senior team building a digital strategy
  • Digital Champions meet Digital Delivery – improving the collaboration between business leaders who are ‘champions’ of digital, and IT leaders who are responsible for delivering the technology solutions required



Why are sponsors needed?

Sponsors are required because of very limited training budgets in public and NfP sector organisations. Participants also see great value in learning from, and collaborating with, the private sector; where best practices can be shared in an environment of partnership and trust. These programmes have been shown to overcome the traditional barriers of seller / buyer distrust that can exist in a ‘quick hit’ sales environment (e.g. sales presentation, event sponsorship), as valued relationships and mutual insights are developed over a longer period of time.




These are still being evaluated and can be negotiated, but the following levels of sponsorship are envisaged. In all cases, the sponsors and their brands will be associated with themes of Leadership, Digital Transformation, Collaboration and Strategic Partnership (not just technology solutions).


Leadership Academy Sponsor

  • Branding and logo inclusion on Socitm Acadamey Leadership Academy web pages, slides and other marketing collateral
  • Sponsorship recognition on press and announcements related to the Academy and its leadership programmes
  • Sponsorship recognition at all national and regional Socitm meetings where updates and topics related to the Leadership Academy will be covered
  • An executive invitation to the annual Socitm Presidents Dinner and conference
  • A place on the Leadership Academy board which meets quarterly to design and plan new offerings and look at opportunity areas in the Public and NfP Sector
  • Single membership on the restricted KnowledgeHub Leadership Forum for a relevant consultant
  • Annual Cost $45,000 +GST


National ‘Top Talent’ Sponsor

  • 1 place on the programme joining public and NfP sector leaders throughout the 6 month period (candidate must be selected by agreement with the Programme Director)
  • Sponsors can choose to host the workshops (2 x 2-day) on their premises, and provide a welcome introduction from a suitable executive
  • Sponsors can choose to provide a networking evening of drinks/dinner for participating leaders, and invite up to 3 sponsor hosts
  • Sponsors can choose to provide branded course books / pens etc. for the workshops
  • 2 speaking slots on a relevant subject at the leadership workshops
  • 2 webinars on a relevant subject during the 6 month period
  • An executive invitation to the annual Socitm Australia Presidents Dinner and Annual spring conference
  • Single membership on the restricted KnowledgeHub Leadership Forum for a relevant consultant
  • Sponsorship recognition on press and announcements related to the National project being undertaken
  • Sponsorship recognition at any event where the National project is being presented and discussed (e.g. Socitm Australia Annual Conference)
  • Sponsorship branding and press recognition at the Socitm Australia awards dinner where Top Talent graduates are awarded certificates of achievement, presented by a sponsor executive
  • Cost for a 6-month Programme $45,000 +GST

It is possible for this cost to be shared by a several organisations in partnership


KnowledgeHub Socitm Australia Leadership Forum Sponsor

  • 2 webinars on a relevant subject during the year promoted and co-hosted by Socitm to all Forum members
  • 2 whitepapers / guides per year to be published on the Forum
  • Single membership on the (restricted) Forum for a relevant consultant
  • Branding and logo on the Forum
  • Brand recognition on press and announcements related to the Forum
  • Annual Cost $10,000 +GST


Digital Project Sponsor

  • Projects can be proposed by a sponsor seeking to provide digital transformation capabilities to a single organisation or regional group.
  • This will normally require a sponsor who has agreed this approach with the executive project owner, and needs a vehicle to facilitate this through a trusted 3rd party
  • Examples: regional shared services, regional economic regeneration, organizational change, Cloud transformation, citizen engagement projects, Big Data sharing/exploitation etc.
  • To be negotiated, ranging from $7,500 for a 2-day workshop, to $30,000 for a 6 month programme
  • Other sponsor benefits negotiable in line with workshop / programme options above



Please let us know if you are interested in any sponsorship opportunity

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