International Focus


Socitm's International work aims to raise members' awareness of international issues, to establish relationships with similar ICT-related professional associations around the world, to seek funding for joint projects and to provide a focal point for involvement in global initiatives.

International collaboration allows Socitm Australia members to:

  • share ideas and experience of ICT-enabled public service reform
  • adapt successful solutions pioneered elsewhere
  • avoid reinventing wheels
  • make comparisons where these are meaningful
  • get the best use of scarce resources and finance.

Socitm has formed relationships with a number of like-minded professional associations based in other countries.

Together with these associations, Socitm is a member of the Linked Organisation of Local Authority ICT Societies (LOLA).

Socitm and its members regularly contribute to Major Cities of Europe IT Users Group conferences, workshops and knowledge products.

Socitm is also a contributor with V-ict-or to Citadel on the Move, a European Commission-funded project. It unites leading local government organisations with Living Lab experts, specialist technology researchers and expert SMEs, to harness the power of user-driven, open systems to develop citizen-generated ‘smart city’ mobile applications that can be used and shared in any European city – large or small.

Partner Associations

Linked Organisation of Local Authority ICT Societies - LOLA
LOLA is a loose grouping of Associations that share common values which include:

  • Delivering public services
  • Being publically accountable
  • Managing ICT;
  • Sharing experiences - good and bad
  • Sharing best practice
  • Avoiding re-inventing the wheel
  • Third sector contributions.

Visit the LOLA website


V-ICT-OR - The Flemish public sector ICT organisation

Visit the V-ICT-OR website


Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA)

Visit the MISA website


De Vereniging van Informatievoorziening en Automatisering in Nederlandse Gemeenten (VIAG)

Visit the VIAG website

New Zealand

Association of Local Government Information Management (ALGIM)

Visit the ALGIM website


Kommunal IT-Samverkan (KommITS)

Visit the KommITS website

United States of America

Government Management Information Sciences (GMIS)

Visit the GMIS website