Regional Seminars


Regular opportunity to share practice, network and collaborate with peers locally and nationally - click the link to view the 16 Australian regions.


Problem to solve

Socitm Australia members need face to face peer support to build credibility and trust in sharing good practice and collaborating.

National initiatives and suppliers need people from different organisations to meet together to hear of new initiatives and solutions to reduce cost of sale and cost of disseminating messages.

Socitm Australia needs to meet with members for engagement and to provide updates on the initiatives and activities.


  • Local to the member
  • Network with peers
  • Learn and share practice
  • Hear of new solutions and initiatives
  • Gain an update of Socitm Australia's activities



The meeting is free for any Socitm Australia member but valued at $150

Guests Free
Members Free
Other attendees $150.00


  • attendance at a regional meeting
  • copies of presentations
  • access to a knowledgehub group for the region



Regional meetings take place 3 or 4 times a year.

Client commitments

A member must spend time travelling and attending the meeting.