Practice Areas


We have identified a number of areas of support based on member demand and established partnerships with credible and value for money suppliers. Socitm measures the quality control to ensure services to our members are always of value.



  • Our Knowledge  - We not only understand the challenges that senior decision makers are facing but also provide solutions to those challenges in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Our experience - We have been at the forefront of virtually all recent major IT related initiatives, including Transformational Strategies, Electronic Service Delivery, Channel Shift, Digital by Default and the creation of Shared Services
  • Our Depth of Expertise – At present we have over 200 consultants who almost without exception,  are experienced IT professionals and acknowledged experts in their field
  • The Socitm AdvantageBeing THE professional membership association for IT professionals in the Public and Npt for profit (NfP) Sector allows us to be at the forefront of research and development, benchmarking, industry policy consultations and vendor-client relationships



Dependent on the project

Client commitments

We expect the client to provide a single point of contact with senior management involvement as appropriate.


In house skills required

Dependent on the project.

Skills transfer

There is always a transfer of skills in the way we run our projects.



Obviously we can not provide fixed prices but if you submit an enquiry describing your requirements then we will proivide a value for money proposal.

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What we believe in:

  • The customer is at the centre of everything the organisation does
  • There is a clear digital strategy that is aligned to the business strategy and the capability to deliver the change
  • Technology is seen as a key component of business delivery rather than just an enabler
  • Traditional departmental boundaries are ignored and involve delivery across multiple agencies
  • Information is shared across multiple agencies to enable highly efficient delivery