Digital Consulting

Enhancing public services by offering citizens the ability to transact 24/7 using online digital services is a key objective for organisations.

Our specialist team of digital consultants are skilled and qualified in various technologies and methodologies. We support our clients on their digital journey by providing a mixture of leadership coaching, by providing support in the design of digital services, by supporting the design of the required technical architecture and where necessary training the client’s internal digital teams.

Our digital consulting services include, but are not limited to:

Multi-channel Strategy Development

Socitm Australia specialises in digital transformation. It’s not only about deploying new channels, but also about "reframing" how your organisation operates. From assessing capabilities and developing a strategic roadmap through making technology recommendations and leading a successful strategic execution, we provide end-to-end solutions to deliver on a digital vision that is:

  • Innovative— dynamic and scalable to meet new trends, technology and stakeholder expectations
  • Dynamic—an evolving process that is easily adaptable to meet the needs of internal and external customers.
  • Focused—accomplishing business goals and engaging customers in meaningful way
  • Unique—providing solutions that reinforce your brand and set you apart

Ecommerce Platform Solutions

We help our clients launch new capabilities and multi-channel strategies that improve the customer experience across all Internet platforms. We bring hands-on expertise in developing customer-centric digital solutions that create an engaging, intuitive user/shopping experience and build long-term loyalty.

Our solutions align and integrate with non-digital channels and activities, eliminating manual interaction in ways that improve user experience, inventory management, sales, and order fulfillment. As companies look to consolidate multiple websites, we help them make significant gains in efficiency, security and cost savings in the process. We also develop internal portals that improve information sharing and collaboration across the organisation.

Mobile Strategy & Execution

Socitm Australia helps companies optimize their mobile presence by planning and executing on mobile strategies that reinforce their brands and build customer loyalty. We have expertise in native applications and adaptive/responsive solutions that optimize the user experience across a wide range of mobile devices. Our clients “earn” their place on their customers’ devices every day while also reducing development costs, time to market, and support needs.

Vendor Selection

Your choice of technology vendor(s) can make or break a digital initiative. We begin by helping to identify, prioritise and articulate requirements. We bring an independent point of view to vendor evaluations that consider both quantitative and qualitative measures, including cultural fit. 


We take a pragmatic, incremental approach to business intelligence (BI) and analytics that get results. It’s all about gaining the timely insight to make more effective decisions, take more informed action, and improve business outcomes. Our expertise spans from BI strategy to infrastructure design and execution for companies of all sizes and industries.

Digital Architecture: Systems Data and Content Management

Content management has become essential to strong, secure digital communications. It’s a fast-evolving discipline that includes Web Content Management Systems (for external-facing functions) and Enterprise Content Management Systems (for internal operations).

We take a 360-degree view of these systems, helping companies choose the right CMS and organize their data for operational efficiency, collaboration, system performance and security. When needed, we can also help build the underlying digital architecture, from design and vendor selection through project leadership—including change management solutions that win stakeholder buy-in.