Business Consulting

Socitm Australia’s business consuting - operations and process improvement services assist our clients to solve complex strategic and operational problems, from diagnosis through implementation and beyond.

Our consultants provide expertise on operations as a whole, while utilising process improvement tools such as Lean Six Sigma to uncover and resolve an organisation’s operational issues.

Our business consulting services include, but are not limited to:

Project leadership

Our expertise in Project Leadership provides us with a unique strategic perspective that emphasizes both Vision and Action.

Priority setting 

Vision - Envisioning a "True North" that is right for your organisation.

Action - Making the right, data-driven decisions by forecasting performance outcomes under various scenarios​.


Vision- Choosing the right innovation approach or validating business concepts.

Action - Translating your goals and priorities into a strategic plan with true buy-in from stakeholders​.


Vision- Identifying the stakeholders, business model, and positioning that are best for you.

Action - Making the right, data-driven decisions by forecasting performance outcomes under various scenarios​.

Operational Optimisation

We go beyond uncovering operational issues—we quantify and prioritise findings to assist our clients in achieving positive operational outcomes, whether that be reducing cost, increasing customer satisfaction, improving quality, or cashable or non-cashable savings and time to market. Socitm Australia can recommend the right operational levers to pull and pace and intensity to proceed at.

Workflow Optimisation

Our workflow service is focused on providing tools to assist stakeholders and core business process owners needing help selecting the right system or optimising current systems. We pair our local and international experience gained from a variety of applications and clients in multiple industries with deep expertise in Lean methodology to align technology, processes and organisations.

Supply Chain Management

Socitm Australia's approach to optimising supply chains delivers more than efficiency improvements and the ability to consistently meet uninterrupted demand. We partner with your executive and operations teams to clarify your operational objectives, reveal the root causes of your supply chain challenges, measure your operational performance, and help you move forward with a specific plan to improve your system or make a foundational shift in your approach.

Transformational Change Management

We assist our clients to design, plan and implement business and behavioral changes to improve organisational performance.

Organisational Development

We help our clients advance their ability to meet challenges and adapt to a changing marketplace by developing and delivering learning strategies that develop an organisation's skills and capabilities.